About Me

Originally from the east end of Long Island, I have now lived in the east end of the best burgh in the world for over twenty years.  I married a real Pittsburgher who got me an obstinate grey cat and then we made two yinzer babies. Tinkering with my tools at my bench is what I want to do most.


As an Argentinian, jewelry has always been a part of my heritage but my obsession with manipulating metal didn‘t begin until I took a metals class in the 90’s while attending SUNY Geneseo in upstate N.Y. I immediately fell in love with the shop, the fire, the tools (especially the tools!) and the way you can completely shape metal into just about any form.


More recently I have become obsessed with Precious Metal Clay, a material I hope to master. I also love to play around with fountain pens, pencil, paper and paints.